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(Underwater and Surface Connetors)

GAMSRO connectors series offers the ability to combine signal and power within a sngle connector. GAMSRO connectors are manufactured from high-grade chloroprene rubber with different types of body material and feature a high depth rating.



(Underwater Communication And CCTV Cables)

GAMSRO polyurethane cables are high speed video/sound transmission cables for underwater communication & CCTV. The cables for Underwater communication & CCTV, are designed for use in permanent moved parts, in dry and wet place.


Underwater Throat Phones

(Underwater Throat Phones)

GAMSRO underwater throat phones is a specifically manufactured throat microphone, designed with a vibration sensor attached to the users neck near the vocal cord. the sensor will only pick up the skin vibration signals from the users vocal cord.



Underwater Propeller Polishing System

(Underwater Propeller Polishing System)

GAMSRO underwater propeller polishing system comprises of diamond disc pads, achieving excellent results. The underwater propeller polishing system has come into this form after many tests by our experienced technical staff.



Underwater Hull Cleaning Mono-Brush

(Underwater Hull Cleaning Mono-Brush)

GAMSRO underweater hull cleaningmono brush is exremely efficient and it’s special way of construction makes it the best choice for technical divers. Different types of brush may be used on the mono brush system, depending on the surface or even the fouling.



Full Face Mask

(Underwater Full Face Mask)

GAMSRO underwater full face mask is a professional-quality mask, widely used by commercial divers and military worldwide. It is designed for safety and comfort while diving in very cold water or technical diving enviroments.



Brush kart system – power pack

(Underwater brush kart system – power pack)

The system is set in motion by 5 hydraulic engines. The total hydraulic power in the machine is 80 H.P. It has a central design with adhesiveness to the hull of 600kgs. It is connected to the surface with 100m long hoses.



Welding stinger

(Underwater welding stinger)

Underwater welding stinger (aka electrode holder) is used for wet-welding. It’s manufactured from a tough – heavy duty insulated material which provides the maximum protection for the diver.


About Us

GAMSRO is a leading manufacturer of underwater equipment. It operates internationally through its headquarters in Athens. Designs, manufactures and develops high quality products for underwater activities. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of underwater services.

What are the products of GAMSRO?

GAMSRO products are targeted to all those who engage in underwater activities. The high standards and the excellent quality of the products make them suitable for professional use, and not only.

GAMSRO products can be used by diving companies engaged in either underwater inspection using video or video recording of their work. They can also be used by diving companies that carry out port projects, or they can be used for safety reasons and for underwater monitoring of ships. They can also be used for aquaculture purposes.

In addition, the underwater video inspection system can be used by filmmakers for underwater scene shootings but also by observers of marine life, since it has high resolution imaging.

What are the advantages of our products?

All GAMSRO systems go through strict quality control and multiple high performance tests. This means that top professionals can rely on GAMSRO’s products.

The GAMSRO underwater communication and video system is necessary for all diving companies that want to carry out underwater inspections with the presence of a classification society. In this way, a diving company is in a position to be evaluated to obtain the corresponding certification from the class. In addition, the products stand out for their ease of use. Even a beginner with minimum training with one of the GAMSRO systems is able to fully operate them. They are protected in watertight cases of excellent quality. The cases are lightweight due to the special material they are made of, while being extremely durable.

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Underwater CCTV Video System Full Pack

GAMSRO underwater CCTVvideo system full pack includes four products:

1) Underwater CCTV video inspection system

2) Underwater video camera cl 250

3) Cable for underwater communication system & CCTV

4) Throat phones



Underwater Communication System Full Pack

GAMSRO underwater communication system full pack includes three products:

1) Underwater communication system

2) Cable rope

3) Throat phones




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