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Underwater Video Inspection System

The GAMSRO D07100 is a portable underwater video inspection system capable of displaying live images. It is fully up-to-date with the latest requirements and has been fully tested to give the quality you would expect from modern underwater video inspection systems. The whole system is protected in a sealed case and weighs only 10kg.


Model Name: GAMSRO D07100
Power: 12 V – 13,8 V DC
Umbilical: Up to 1000 meters
Display monitor: Colour LCD-LED 19″ TFT
Video data storage: High speed HDD 1TB, External USB flash drive
Communication: Two-way (included)
Lights: LED
Video recorder: DVR supporting up to 2 TB internal hard disk drive
Video recording: time (on HDD) HQ up to (400 hours)
Connectors (video): SUBCONN
Weight: 10 kg (without umbilical)
Case: Nanuk case 930
Option: High speed transfer data between storage mediums. Support external video & audio RCA output.
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