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Cable for underwater cctv

The underwater video cable has an outer polyurethane casing. This gives it increased durability under harsh conditions. It is also resistant to many lubricants containing mineral oil, diluted acids, aqueous alkaline solution and other chemical agents. It can alsobe used in harsh climatic enviroments. Its bright color increases security due to visual perception.


Info – Cable for underwater cctv
High mechanical strength
Good oil resistance
Temperature range – Cable for underwater cctv
Occasional flexing: -40ο C to +90ο C
Fixed installation: -50ο C to +90ο C
Product Make-up – Cable for underwater cctv
Fine-wire, bare copper conductor
Core insulation: rubber compound
Cores twisted together
PUR outer sheath
Sheath colour: orange
Product features – Cable for underwater cctv
Abrasion and notch-resistant
Flexible down to -40ο C
Resistant to hydrolysis and microbes
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