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Gamsro mono brush uses a high torque, low speed, hydraulic motor specially designed for hull cleaning and prop polishing.
Gamsro mono brush to be operating by a professional diver.

Operates brushes 203.2 mm, 254 mm, 304.80 mm in diameter.

Also operates 152.40 mm barnacle Cutter.

Ideal for cleaning underwater surface ie. Steel, aluminum, fiberglass, wood hulls, pilings, seawalls, bridge pilings.

Speed control allows the diver to adjust brush speed from 0-1200 RPM depending of the type of fouling.

Manual ON/OFF switch

Sample design allows easy maintenance and brushes replacement.

  • Dimensions & Weight

    Weight:   5 kg

    Height:   50 cm

    Width:    23 cm

    Length:  35 cm

Gamsro monobrush it comes with a set of two brushes (one soft and one medium hard brush) with diameter 33 cm.

Gamsro monobrush is powered by 8.0 HP 4 cycle Commercial Honda Gasoline Engine is equipped with manual or eletric start and low oil shutdown, with overhead valve design.  The hydraulic cleaning brush will run the following stocked optional attachments.

Hydraulic Pump is direct mount through a coupler system, to a 14 liters per min. at 120 Bar Pump. This delivers maximum efficiency and consistent performance. Hydraulic reservoir is intricately mounted to hydraulic pump. Also mounted in the 1 piece module is the hydraulic outlet, return coupler and hydraulic bypass control valve. 20 liters hydraulic oil tank. Mounted on aluminum base plate with tires.

Dimensions: 1.00 m L x 0.50 W x 0.70 H

Lightweight hydraulic hose with crimped ends and marine brass quick disconnects
With the following sizes and lengths:

1/2 inch diameter and 50 mtrs length high and low pressure hydraulic hose (1) Supply and (1) Return with working pressure 140 bar.

Machine is supplied without oil .