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Underwater video inspection system

GAMSRO D7000 is a portable, waterproof, full package of underwater video inspection system. Capable of displaying up to 18” TFT colour monitor on LCD screen with the addition of a live on-screen display of serial data fields. It is totally up-to-date and it has been fully tested to give the quality you would expect from modern underwater video systems. High intensity Led lights are also included. The whole system is housed in a water tight NANUK case and only weighs 8 kg.

Underwater Communication System

The communication system has been tested carefully by our experienced team to be able to offer the highest quality in underwater technology. The system can be combined with the most modern watertight throat phones and from the highest quality and durability cable in difficult underwater work environments

Underwater cameras

GAMSRO underwater Camera HDTV has been specifically made for underwater inspections. It has been designed in order to be able to achieve a great viewing angle.


Waterproof Connectors

Gamsro underwater connectors have been designed to combine in a simple connector both signal and power.

Surface Connectors

Gamsro surface connectors are made to achieve an ease usage, toughness and small dimensions, comparable with old-technology connectors. The GAMSRO surface connector’s main area of application are the underwater video and communication systems. The GAMSRO surface connectors are used for power supply as well as controlling applications and measuring.

Throat Phones